World Alert: March 19 "Super Moon" Phenomena will cause series of Earthquakes.

Jim Berkland the famous Geologist who predicted the California earthquake before, interviewed by Fox news saying that on March 19 a series of quakes will hit the world. This quakes will travel and hit the "Ring of Fire". Includes Japan, New Zealand, Chile and US. Countries along the way including Philippines will be hit by quakes, tsunamis and active Volcanoes will start bothering. Super Moon.

Check on this video about the coming March 19 2011 Super Moon phenomena. And the full interview about this.

Super Moon
Jim Berkland is a retired geologist who worked many years for the U.S. Geological Survey. He was also the first County Geologist for Santa Clara County (in northern California) and was in that position for twenty-one years. He has published over fifty scientific papers. He has been a popular guest on many network news programs and talk shows on the subject of earthquake prediction. Berkland claims he has developed a method for predicting earthquakes, and on his web site and in a monthly newsletter, he lays out a detailed set of signs and precursors that he uses for his predictions. He also lists dozens of major earthquakes he claims to have predicted. ** - free live TV internet webcast, watch and download free movies.
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