Cinema One - Watch 24 hour TV Live webcast online.

Cinema One is a 24-hour Filipino movie channel created for lovers of Tagalog movies, with titles ranging from classics to recent blockbusters and award-winning films. Its film inventory covers all genres from romance, drama, comedy, action, horror and fantasy films produced by the country’s top movie outfits. Local productions such as Inside The Cinema with Boy Abunda and the weekly Cinemanews are also shown to cater to viewers’ craving for Philippine showbiz updates and celebrity profiles.
Current Shows schedule:
* Monday Drama
* Tuesday Comedy
* Wednesday Winners
* Thursday Fantasy/Horror
* Pinoy Kool Cinema
* Blockbuster Sunday
* Cinema News
* Must See Movies
* Inside The Cinema with Boy Abunda
* Pop Theatre
* Romance Central
* Sabado Digital Night
* VIP Pass hosted by Megan Young
* Take One
* Star Cinema Presents (1996-2001 ABS-CBN; 2010–present Cinema One)
* Behind The Headlines
* Celebrity Hit List
* Coverstory
* Cinema News 1
* Cinema News Alert
* Cinematalk
* Cine Tonight
* Cineview
* My Movie
* My Space
* Persona
* Review Night
* Sabado Super Sine
* Sunday Cine Premiere
* Friday Action
* Saturday Asian Showdown
* Comedy Classics
* Drama Studio
* Rewind - free live TV internet webcast, watch and download free movies.

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