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GMA NEWS TV formerly - QTV Channel 11 is women-skewed, with a programming grid primarily designed according to women’s schedules and needs. Another TV broadcast by GMA network corporation, co-production and/or blocktime agreement with ZOE Broadcasting Network, GMA provides the programming for Channel 11.
* Balitanghali (2005-present)
* Live on Q (2007-present)
* News on Q (2005-present)

Public Affairs programs
* Ang Pinaka (2005-present)
* Balik-Bayan (2005-present)
* Day Off (2005-present)
* Reunions (2005-present) (formerly Sana'y Muling Makapiling)
* The Beat (2006-present) (formerly Sapulso)
* Tara! Let's Eat (2009-present)
* Tonight with Arnold Clavio(2010-present)
* True Stories (2009-present)
* Misteryo (2009-present)

Q Entertainment Cooking
* Sarap at Home (2009-present)
* Quickfire (2008-present)
* True Confections (2008-present)
* Secrets of the Masters (2009-present)
* My Favorite Recipes (2009-present)
* Heny's Kitchen (2009-present)
* Word of Mouth (2009-present)
* Healthy Cravings (2009-present)

* Philippine Explorer (2008-present)
* Go Negosyo Kaya Mo! (2008-present)
* QTube (2009-present)

* Fit & Fab (2008-present)
* RunnerSpeak (2009-present)

* Q-lets and Co. (2010-present)
* Tropang Potchi (2009-present)

* The Sweet Life (2007-present)
* Life and Style: Gandang Ricky Reyes (2005-present)
* Full Time Moms (2009-present)
* Tweetbiz: The Bizniz of Chizmiz (2009-present)

Movie blocks
* Rated: Chick Flicks (2008-present)
* Pinoy Silver Screen (2009-present)
* Pinoy Cine Klasika (2010-present)

Programs produced by ZOE Broadcasting Network
* Adyenda (2005-present)
* Diyos at Bayan (1998-present)
* Jesus the Healer (1998-present)
* Legal Forum (2007-present)
* Midnight Prayer Helps (2006-present)
* PJM Forum (1998-present)

Other programs
* The 700 Club Asia (2006-present)

Foreign/Canned shows News
* CBS Evening News

* The Daily 10 Weekend Edition

* Hawthrone
* Drop Dead Diva

* Just Joking
* Life's Funniest Moments New Season
* World's Funniest Videos
* Planet's Funniest Animals

Reality/ Game
* American Idol
* Iron Chef
* Takeshi's Castle
* Are you Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

Design/ Home Improvement
* Clean House

Anime Japanese
* The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends
* Yawara
* Onegai My Melody
* Kirby
* Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
* Astroboy
* Cardcaptor Sakura

* Michel

Asian Dramas
* God of Cookery
* New Heart
* Thank You
* Jewel in the Palace
* The Legend
* Witch Yoo Hee
* King of Warrior
* Blazing Teens
* Love at the Corner
* Night After Night
* My Name Is Kim Sam Soon

Korean Entertainment
* 2NE1TV - free live TV internet webcast, watch and download free movies.

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